Pet Ideas for Everyone

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You have decided that you are ready for the next big milestone in life, getting a pet on your own.  Now that you are ready, the even tougher decision is what pet should you get.  While many of people may think they want an exotic animal like the Tiger King, I am here to give some more practical suggestions.


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Starting the list with a familiar favorite is the dog.  This is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of house pet.  There is a reason that dogs are the first thing that come to mind, its because they make amazing pets.  There is nothing a dog wants more than to spend time with its owner and that is the reason we get a pet isn’t it?  There are hundreds of dog breeds that come in as many shapes, sizes, and personality types.

While dogs make amazing companions, there are many things to consider before jumping in.  Regardless of the type of dog you pick, they are going to require daily exercise.  If you are not the type of person who will go for a walk, rain or shine, its possible a dog is not for you.  Another thing to consider when getting a dog is how much time you will spend at home.  Dogs should not be left home alone for more than a few hours at a time if possible.  If you travel a lot the kennel bill can be expensive so that is another thing to consider.


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Depending on who you are and who you have been talking to, cats are just as popular or more popular than dogs.  While cats share many similarities to dogs, such as being mammals and their love of being fed by humans, there are also some differences to consider.  Cats are much more independent and generally less willing to cuddle than most dogs.

Cats independence can also be a good thing.  They can be left alone with some food and a litter box all day and they will probably not even notice you are gone.  They will also not require daily exercise so for the less active pet owners, cats might be ideal.  Two things to keep in mind when considering a cat is you will need to be cleaning a litter box which can start to smell, and second their fur gets everywhere.  The second point is applicable to dogs as well.


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If you are thinking that you want a pet thats easy to take care of a hamster may be the answer for you. They sit in their cage, run on their wheel, and drink from their water bottle.  These make good pets for kids because they do not require much maintenance and if they slack on their responsibility, it isn’t much for you to pick up.

One thing to keep in mind about a hamster, while you can take them out of their cage and hold them, they are not going to be as cuddly as a cat or a dog.  Unless you are going to keep the little thing in its ball to roll around, you will have to keep a close eye on it.  Hamsters can be fast and on occasion will bite, although it does not hurt too bad.

Pet Rock

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This is a pet that really checks all the boxes.  Rocks are extremely low maintenance, they don’t require any food, and you will never have to take them for a walk.  The most that you might be required to do is rinse it off a bit if it plays in the dirt.  You can bring your rock with you anywhere and depending on the size they can stay right in your pocket.  There will never be any unnecessary noise and when you travel, if you decide not to bring little rocky along, you will not need to hire a pet sitter.


Any one of these pets make great companions, it is just important to understand the level of commitment that you are willing to take. Whatever pet you get, as long as you remember that it is yours for life, you will have an amazing companion that will make your life more enjoyable.