The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix Series)

Netflix has become the primary means of consuming television and movies for a huge number of people throughout the world.  This fact has lead to Netflix putting out some amazing original content.  The content platform and production company has more content than anyone could realistically watch in a lifetime, although many of us have been trying to burn through all of it during the struggles of 2020.

Released on October 23, 2020, The Queen’s Gambit is another great example of Netflix original content.  The 7-part series follows the life of an orphaned chess prodigy (Beth Harmon) as she struggles with inner demons while trying to become the world’s best chess player.  The show bounces in time throughout the main character’s life, from when she first learns to play to chess to the final episode where she is competing to become the world chess champion in Russia.

It hard to imagine that a show about chess can be as exciting and captivating as this. The first episode is a bit slower than the rest but you soon find yourself rooting for Beth as if you are watching the most exciting sporting event of your life. This show will also make you pull out your dusty chess board (or download a chess app) to play.

While this series is about a chess player, it has all the elements of a great TV series so no chess knowledge is required to enjoy the show.  The acting, writing, and production of this show are top tier, this is a truly binge worthy series.  The only criticism I have for the show is that it is too short and I want to watch more!