The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix Series)

Netflix has become the primary means of consuming television and movies for a huge number of people throughout the world.  This fact has lead to Netflix putting out some amazing original content.  The content platform and production company has more content than anyone could realistically watch in a lifetime, although many of us have been trying to […]

Pull Data from Multiple Databases

At one point or another, anyone with database access has found themselves tasked to pull XYZ data from the database.  If there is only one database that contains this data, this isn’t a huge request, but if there are multiple databases with the same schema and different data, this can get tedious.  Today we are going to […]

2021 Travel Outlook

2020 has been many different things including a lost year for travel in most cases. With countries going in and out of lockdown, and borders closed to tourism it has been difficult and irresponsible to even try traveling.  With the new year approaching, many are wondering if 2021 is going to be the year to make […]

5 Tips for Coping with Burnout

Many of us, especially since COVID, have reached the point where we “Just don’t care” about our work.  We are exhausted, uninterested, and have many of the symptoms of depression.  This is a sign that we are fast approaching burnout. Burnout is a phenomenon where you have reached the point of feeling completely empty and hopeless when […]


Whenever you come across a new database, depending on the size, it can be a bit intimidating trying to get familiar.  There could be any number of tables and from there an unknown number of views, procedures, functions, etc. that relate to each of those. To get a quick look at what is going on in […]

Become A Digital Nomad

Now more than ever people are considering the option of becoming Digital Nomads.  A Digital Nomad is someone who can work from anywhere, usually via the internet, and therefore is free to go anywhere in the world and is still able to work.  In order to become a digital nomad, you first need to really […]

Going Out After Lockdown

One of the most difficult parts of lockdown for many people was the lack of socialization.  People who were used to going out to bars and restaurants regularly were locked away from their friends and and favorite place to eat and drink.  Since lockdown has been lifted, or at least eased in many places, bars […]

Introduction to SQL Server Statistics

SQL Server uses statistics to create query plans that improve performance. When writing a query, there are rules that are easily followed as to when to use left joins, inner joins, etc. The Query Optimizer, on the other hand, uses statistics underneath the covers to decide how exactly to retrieve the data and return it […]

Learn SQL in 7 Minutes

Structured Query Language (SQL) is programming language for handling data in a relational database management system.  Having at least the basic knowledge of SQL is a very powerful skill set to have and will open doors in a variety of fields. I am going to give you a quick rundown so you can understand the […]

3 Advantages and 3 Disadvantages of Solo Travel

Traveling alone can be one of the most exciting, and somewhat scary things to do. There are many reason why you might want to travel alone, anything from scheduling conflicts to just wanting to do it. I visited Iceland for a week on my own, it was one of the most amazing experience of my […]


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