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The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix Series)

Netflix has become the primary means of consuming television and movies for a huge number of people throughout the world.  This fact has lead to Netflix putting out some amazing original content.  The content platform and production company has more content than anyone could realistically watch in a lifetime, although many of us have been trying to…

Pull Data from Multiple Databases

At one point or another, anyone with database access has found themselves tasked to pull XYZ data from the database.  If there is only one database that contains this data, this isn’t a huge request, but if there are multiple databases with the same schema and different data, this can get tedious.  Today we are going to…

2021 Travel Outlook

2020 has been many different things including a lost year for travel in most cases. With countries going in and out of lockdown, and borders closed to tourism it has been difficult and irresponsible to even try traveling.  With the new year approaching, many are wondering if 2021 is going to be the year to make…

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