2021 Travel Outlook

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels.com

2020 has been many different things including a lost year for travel in most cases. With countries going in and out of lockdown, and borders closed to tourism it has been difficult and irresponsible to even try traveling.  With the new year approaching, many are wondering if 2021 is going to be the year to make up for lost time.

With several companies working as fast as they can on creating a vaccine, it is speculated that one will be available early 2021.  What will this mean for travel?  The truth is that nobody can answer that question at this point, all we can do is speculate.

I think that for at least the first half of 2021 travel is going to still be limited in some capacity, if not completely restricted to certain countries.  Countries will most likely continue to go in and out of different levels of lockdown and that will determine what travel can be done.

For at least the first half of 2021, if people are really itching to get out there and explore, I think this will be the year of “local” travel.  How many of us live within an hour or two of a beautiful forest preserve or a city we have never been to, this might be the perfect opportunity to explore.  Air travel and International travel will most likely be limited in varying degrees until there is a wide spread vaccine so I think this is going to be the best option.

2021 will in a lot of ways be the year of road trips.  Many of us are hesitant to be around the type of crowds that come from airports/trains/buses so driving is the next best option.  Of course, it is not advisable to travel in areas where it is not allowed or there is an active lockdown but assuming certain things ease up, this will be the best way to get around.

One thing that the entire world can relate on is that this has been a challenging year. Many of us want nothing more to get back out in the world and start exploring.  As this year ends, let’s stay optimistic that in the near future, we can all go back to doing what we love to do.